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Master thesis examination report

Such requests should be made only through the Monash University Graduate Education. In the event the two examiners disagree substantially in their assessment of the thesis, the relevant faculty is required to convene an examination advisory panel to determine a course of action. Facilities and services {/PREVIEW}


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It is expected that MEngSc Res theses generally do not exceed 50, words. The research need not be as extensive as for a PhD thesis. A thesis examiner is required only to judge the merit of the thesis. Students produce a creative work and; accompanying critical component during enrolment. The exegesis is to contextualise the research, articulate its methods and approach, place it in an historic, theoretical, social or political context which contributes to the understanding of the research outcome; it is not an independent research project but a supporting discussion of the research. Thesis and examination matters Chapter 8: Higher Doctorate The work submitted for a higher doctorate must have been published not less than one year prior to its submission to Monash University for examination.

Assessment Form Master Thesis Psychology A B. Name second examiner the thesis independently, in writing (see guidelines below). Reports should be. awarding a Masters or rejecting the thesis, the de-identified reports are.

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